• Economic Reforms and Growth: Assess public opinions on economic reforms, policies, and their impact on growth, employment, and income distribution.
  • National Education Policy: Gather insights on the perceptions and expectations regarding the new National Education Policy, curriculum changes, and educational infrastructure.
  • Reservation System: Examine attitudes towards the reservation system, its effectiveness in promoting social equality, and potential reforms or alternatives.
  • Smart Cities Initiative: Gauge public opinions on the Smart Cities mission, infrastructure development, and the impact on urban living standards.
  • Tourism and Heritage Conservation: Explore perceptions about the importance of tourism, preservation of heritage sites, and sustainable tourism practices.
  • Digital Privacy and Data Protection: Assess public concerns about online privacy, data protection laws, and the role of technology companies in safeguarding personal information.
  • Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation: Gather insights on initiatives aimed at rural development, poverty alleviation, access to basic amenities, and employment opportunities in rural areas.
  • National Security and Defense: Explore public opinions on national security issues, defense policies, and the role of the armed forces in safeguarding the country.
  • Sports Development and Infrastructure: Assess the importance of sports, infrastructure for sports facilities, and support for athletes' training and development.
  • Social Welfare Schemes: Examine the effectiveness of social welfare schemes, such as healthcare schemes, poverty eradication programs, and schemes for marginalized communities.
  • India Budget 2022: Explore public opinions and priorities regarding the budget allocations, economic policies, and their impact on different sectors.
  • COVID-19: Assess the awareness, perceptions, and experiences of individuals regarding the pandemic, vaccination, and the effectiveness of government measures.
  • Triple Talaq: Examine public sentiments and perspectives on the Triple Talaq law and its impact on gender equality, women's rights, and social dynamics.
  • Education Bill 2022: Gather insights on the proposed education reforms, including curriculum changes, digital learning initiatives, and quality enhancement measures.
  • Farmers Bill: Gauge the opinions of farmers, agricultural experts, and the general public on the contentious agricultural reforms and their implications for farming communities.
  • Organic Farming: Assess awareness, adoption, and challenges related to organic farming practices, sustainable agriculture, and the demand for organic products.
  • Organic Farming
  • Fish Paddy Culture: Explore the potential of fish paddy culture as an innovative agricultural practice and its impact on food security, economic sustainability, and environmental conservation.
  • Climate Change and Environmental Conservation: Assess public awareness, attitudes, and actions towards climate change, renewable energy, waste management, and conservation efforts.
  • Healthcare Infrastructure and Access: Explore opinions on the state of healthcare infrastructure, availability of quality healthcare services, affordability, and accessibility across different regions.
  • Digital India Initiatives: Gather insights on the impact of digital transformation initiatives, such as Digital India, e-governance, digital literacy, and the use of technology in various sectors.
  • Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality: Examine attitudes towards gender equality, women's rights, workplace diversity, and the effectiveness of government policies and initiatives.
  • Startups and Entrepreneurship: Assess the startup ecosystem, challenges faced by entrepreneurs, government support, and the role of innovation in driving economic growth.
  • Infrastructure Development: Gauge public opinions on infrastructure development projects, such as roads, railways, airports, smart cities, and their impact on economic growth and quality of life.
  • Social Media Influence and Online Privacy: Explore perceptions about the influence of social media platforms, online privacy concerns, and the need for regulations to protect user data.
  • Caste System and Social Equality: Examine attitudes towards the caste system, reservations, affirmative action, and efforts to promote social equality and inclusivity.
  • Digital Payments and Cashless Economy: Assess the adoption of digital payment methods, challenges faced, and perceptions regarding the transition towards a cashless economy.
  • Youth and Employment: Gather insights on the aspirations, skill development needs, and challenges faced by the youth in finding employment opportunities and building careers.









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